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Synergy Grey



Synergy Prams

Synergy Travel System – If you are looking for a balance between modernity and traditionality, and you care about the latest solutions but you do not want to deviate from tradition at the same time, we have something special for you. Our prams from the Synergy Line are the perfect choice for you. Safety, reliability and care in every detail are our domain.


Covered with high quality artificial leather which is durable and looks great on everyday walks.

Sun or Rain

Specially selected materials allow for driving in all conditions, protect your child from excessive sun or persistent rain


All carrycots has adjustable ventilation system that your child can always breathe freely and have a steady flow of fresh air.


Light aluminium frame with an easy folding system, a basket which comes as a standard is useful durnig shopping.


The unique shape of the wheels, which have only our prams combined with the impact absorption system, makes them very safe and easy to carry.

Available Colours